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The Curious Catholic Podcast

Matt Chominski

Pilgrimaging through the Catholic Imagination. Each episode is an encounter with the personalities, ideas, and movements that have shaped and embodied the dynamism of the Catholic vision. If you're ready to "go further up and further in," come join the pilgrimage that is the Curious Catholic Podcast.
The Love that Moves the Sun, Stars and Ourselves: Dante Series, No. 9 (Ep. 30)October 21, 2021 Episode artwork Loving Lady Poverty, Tending the Garden of the Church, and Joyously Awaiting the Resurrection: Dante Series, No. 8 (Ep. 29)July 13, 2021 Episode artwork Freedom and Glory in Paradise: Dante Series, No. 7 (Ep. 28)June 07, 2021 Episode artwork Love, Sin, and Beatrice: Lenten Dante Series, No. 6 (Ep. 27)April 01, 2021 Episode artwork Pride, Humility, and Bending Below Boulders: Lenten Dante Series, No. 5 (Ep. 26)March 30, 2021 Episode artwork Mt. Purgatory, Fresh Air, and Washing Our Faces: Lenten Dante Series, No. 4 (Ep. 25)March 18, 2021 Episode artwork Lust, Flattery, and the Icy Depths of Hell: Lenten Dante Series, No. 3 (Ep. 24)March 10, 2021 Episode artwork Hell's Gate, Abandoned Hope, and the Neutrals: Lenten Dante Series, No. 2 (Ep. 23)March 02, 2021 Episode artwork A Dark Wood, a Mid-Life Crisis, and our Needed Guide: Lenten Dante Series, No. 1 (Ep. 22)February 23, 2021 Episode artwork Love Like a Conflagration, with Jane Greer (Ep. 21)December 17, 2020 Episode artwork Catholic Poetry's Presence, with Mary Ann B. Miller, Ph.D. (Ep. 20)November 24, 2020 Episode artwork St. Augustine on Demons, with Seamus O'Neill, Ph.D. (Ep. 19)October 28, 2020 Episode artwork "Wonder and Wrath," with poet A. M. Juster (Ep. 18)October 13, 2020 Episode artwork What is the Human Being?: Nature, Soul, Death and Christ in the Tomb, with Thomas M. Ward, Ph.D. (Ep. 17)August 24, 2020 Episode artwork "If Adam Had Not Sinned": Discussing the Reason for the Incarnation with Justus Hunter, Ph.D. (Ep. 16)July 27, 2020 Episode artwork Scotus for Dunces: Getting to Know Bl. John Duns Scotus with Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ, PhD (Ep. 15)July 06, 2020 Episode artwork Heart Speaks to Heart: John Henry Newman and Personal Influence with David Delio, Ph.D. (Ep. 14)June 12, 2020 Episode artwork The Personalism of John Henry Newman, with Katie and Jules van Schaijik (Ep. 13)May 28, 2020 Episode artwork John Henry Newman on the Development of Doctrine with Bud Marr, Ph.D. (Ep. 12)May 04, 2020 Episode artwork John Henry Newman on Catholics and Other Christians, with David Deavel, Ph.D. (Ep. 11)April 15, 2020 Episode artwork St. Augustine on Love and Loss, with Erika Kidd, Ph.D. (Ep. 10)April 01, 2020 Episode artwork St. Patrick's Day Special Edition (Ep. 9)March 17, 2020 Episode artwork St. Augustine on the Big Screen: Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life" as Augustinian Confession with Paul Camacho, Ph.D. (Ep. 8)March 11, 2020 Episode artwork "In Love With My Own Ruin," St. Augustine on Sin as Self-Harm with Fr. David Vincent Meconi, S.J., D.Phil. (Ep. 7)March 01, 2020 Episode artwork "One in Mind and Heart on the Way to God," St. Augustine and His Rule of Life with Fr. Kevin DePrinzio, O.S.A., Ph.D. (Ep. 6)February 18, 2020 Episode artwork